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World of Napkins

From the Collection of Jacob Kedzierski


EXTENDED: This show will be on view until January 29, 2022

There is no doubt that local artist Jacob Kedzierski has lived the life of his choosing: as soon as possible, he dove right into the world of visual arts and the production of motion pictures. This began with rudimentary, hand drawn flip books, eventually documenting skateboarding videos featuring his friends, himself an avid and able skateboarder. His passion for filmmaking forged a path that lead to him becoming both traditionally educated (Colorado Institute of Art) and professionally experienced; living and working in NYC for over a decade devoted to his craft, working on countless top-tier projects and making integral connections in the industry. This ensured newly-available opportunities were readily converted into physical work, finding himself in the production and art departments of both major motion pictures and a slew of both popular and infamous cable television shows. These shows are routinely beamed to millions of dedicated viewers, captivating a vast swath of Americans. To be sure, these high profile, professional opportunities are reserved for the very best production talent which Jacob clearly brings to the table. But how did he get there?

What was the first impression, the initial driving force that took ROOT, compelling Jacob to live a life of his design in pursuit of the arts?

A napkin. Specifically, a bright red and white graphic paper napkin featuring none other than the perennial child favorite: Santa Claus

This important connection occurred during Jacob’s 3rd grade class Christmas party. His young impressionable mind was struck; captivated by how the colors and design “popped” as he describes it. Surely, that raw, unfiltered childhood excitement reserved for Christmas Day enhanced his perception well enough to seed a solid connection which blossomed into a true passion. Santa Claus, as an American cultural icon, has certainly evoked an emotional reaction from many of us as children and all of this together makes for a potent impression, especially at that age.

This day not only sparked his mind for visual arts in general, it set off a lifelong mission to collect as many different graphic napkins as possible. They are the ultimate in wasted, overlooked art, each featuring its own artist and/or theme. That’s not to mention the production method of the graphic napkin, manufacturers utilizing varied printing methods spanning the 20th century. Indeed, you are viewing but a fraction of his entire collection, each handpicked & curated by Jacob for your viewing experience. An interesting note: per Jacob, several of these napkins he credits with helping to save a memory, not unlike how the sound of an old song momentarily transports us back to a feeling. Many have entertaining backstories, don’t hesitate to inquire.

He’s inherited collections from the 80s and 90s, bequeathed with many napkins from Europe and beyond. Always technologically inclined, the internet connected him with a solid scene of worldwide collectors which are always in the market of trading or selling, something he says he hasn’t been interested in as of yet. He’s always on the lookout for napkins from the 1960s and 1970s vintage, his favorite era for graphic design.

It’s been a longtime goal for Jacob to share his collection with the curious in the form of a show. You are experiencing the fruit of an artist & collector’s inherent goal of sharing their passion presented in their way, both directly as we gather today and indirectly archived on the internet in order to share with the world.

Written by Bryan Tallmadge


2021 Art Off the Wall


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