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Art classes for children will be available soon.

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Joan Horn

Oil Painting Classes 

Partners in Art at the Carnegie Art Center 

Choose from the following dates & times:


-May 3rd-June 29th – 8 Wks – $240

-July 5th-August 9th – 6 Wks – $180

-September 6th-November 8th– 10 Wks – $300


-May 4th-June 28th – 8 Wks – $240

-September 7th-November 9th– 10 Wks – $300


-May 5th-June 30th – 8 Wks – $240

-September 8th-November 10th– 10 Wks – $300

The Beginning—learn how to plan and begin your painting by creating a thumb nail sketch and blocking in your composition in paint. 

Color Choices—make major decisions about color and palettes by creating a quick color study.  

The Underpainting—learn how to lay in your values and colors by concentrating on the big, broad lights and darks and how to make preliminary color choices.  

The Finish—lean how to evaluate your underpainting and make adjustments as you go through the finishing stages of the painting. 

We will also learn about BACKGROUNDS-how to create backgrounds that will support and enhance your painting rather than compete with it; SHADOWS-learn what color to paint shadows—both body and cast; TEMPERATURE-why should a color be cooler or warmer and when; INTENSITY-how do you mute and subdue intense color and why; VALUE—how do you make colors lighter or darker without losing their character

PLEASE REGISTER BY CALLING 716-445-3067 or email Joan at [email protected]

Brushwork: 5 Day Workshop

Teachers: Hongnian Zhang and Lois Woolley

Partners in Art at the Carnegie Art Center 

August 22—26, 2022

Monday—Friday –  9:30am-4:30pm 

$650—deposit of $150 to hold your spot

Brushwork is the poetry of a painting and probably the most overlooked technical aspect of painting.  This workshop will explore methods of getting your paint from palette to brush to canvas.

  • How can the “way” you apply your paint help to define shape and form?
  • How many brush strokes can you apply without going back for more paint?
  • How do you use brushstrokes to create expressive shape and edges?

You will have the opportunity to paint a still life, an interior, a portrait or landscape as your subject since brushwork applies to all genres of painting.  

Hongnian Zhang is internationally renowned for his magnificent and monumental figurative work and Lois Woolley is a nationally acclaimed portrait artist. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with these critically acclaimed artists.  Please feel free to browse their websites for more information.

To reserve your spot email [email protected] or

Call Joan Horn at 716-445-3067

Partners in Art Classes at the Carnegie Art Center 

Review the class information below.


Thank you to our arts education partners and teaching artists: 

Western New York Book Arts Center
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Carlos Torres 
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