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The Flow Through Wanakena 

Photography Exhibition by Michael Mandolfo

On view January 10-30, 2021

Artist Michael Mandolfo of Forest Productions & Photography, Inc. presents “The Flow Through Wanakena”.

There will be no opening reception but you are invited to visit the show during the Center’s open hours: Wed & Thurs. 6-8PM and Fri & Sat 12-4PM.

You are also invited to a special meet the artist event where Michael will speak about his exhibition on Saturday, January 16, 1-3PM.

About the Exhibition:
The Flow Through Wanakena is a series of abstract photographs that explore foam patterns created by vegetation along the Five Ponds Wilderness area. As water passes through this vegetation, a naturally occurring surfactant is formed creating clean white foam. The foam forms patterns on the dark water surface downstream as it flows from the Oswegatchie River into Cranberry Lake. The inlet is located in the Adirondack hamlet of Wanakena, NY.

These abstract photographs were composed full-frame in the camera without the use of double exposure or cropping.

“Through this Exhibit I hope to encourage viewers to pause and reflect on the fragile beauty of our waterways.”

The artist invites the viewer to reflect on how water affects our lives. What connections do we share with water and with nature in general? What does water say to us? Where does it take our thoughts?

This series of seven photographs is printed on cotton sateen fabric. Prints are hung 4” from the wall allowing airflow to cause movement in the image.

Community Involvement: 

Michael invites the community to reflect on how the water flow affects our lives, both spiritually and physically; the connections that we share with water and with nature in general; what it says to us, where it takes our thoughts; the silence or sounds that come to mind, memories that it evokes.

After reflection, the viewers will be encouraged to write notes about water, nature, conservation, etc. These notes will be displayed in The Flow Through Wanakena exhibits and might one day be turned into a book.

About the Artist:

Michael Mandolfo is a fine art photographer based in Buffalo, New York. He holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from SUNY at Buffalo. He has won numerous national and international awards for commercial photography and video production. His commercial work has appeared in Interior Design Magazine and in Times Square. His artwork hangs in hotels in the US and Japan including many prominent Las Vegas properties such as Caesars Palace, Mirage, New York New York, Bally’s, Tropicana, and Freemont Hotel and Casino; in Arizona at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale and Hotel Monroe in Phoenix; in New York City at Courtyard by Marriott and The Michelangelo Hotel.

His artwork is included in private collections and corporate collections of Georgia Power and the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Michael is represented by publishers Bruce McGaw Graphics and Editions Limited allowing his work to be published into posters that have appeared in retail online outlets like Art.com, Wayfair, Amazon, Target, and Macy’s.

In 2010 Michael designed The Arcangel Gallery at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and was the solo artist in its inaugural show. In addition to his most recent show at Canvas Gallery in early 2019 entitled A Distant Voice, Michael’s show The Flow Through Wanakena appeared at Otto’s Abode in the Adirondack Mountains in the fall of 2018, as well as in 2020 at the The Nancy Dryfoos Gallery in Kean University in Union, New Jersey.

Michael uses sharp consideration of context and appreciation for nature to wield powerful, unique and unexpected images. He discerns patterns emergent in nature and captures the simple organic beauty and architectural structure of everyday objects. Michael works one-on-one with clients, art buyers and designers to meet their particular needs. Michael strives to combine the client’s focus with the artistic sensibility necessary to produce compelling imagery for hotel, travel and leisure environments. 

Meet the Artist Event

With Michael Mandolfo

Saturday, January 16, 1-3PM 

Free to attend 

Michael has spent more than 30 years capturing his observations through the medium of photography. Michael is interested in the beauty of enduring things, and at the endurance of beautiful things.

Join us at this event to learn about Michael’s exhibition titled “The Flow Through Wanakena” currently on view at the Carnegie Art Center.

Please wear a mask and social distance.

i • den • ti • ty

On view February 4- 27, 2021

Presenting Artists:
Vanessa Frost
Jill Favata
Joanne Goellner
Lisa Pimental

noun: the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks, and/or expressions that make a person (self-identity) or group (collective identity), in psychology

A person may hold multiple identities at once: woman, artist, mother and friend. We all have identities that we show to others, or keep close. These roles generate exercises in self-development as we try to differentiate between multiple selves as a function of social context with an awareness of the potential contradictions. Each position has its own meaning and expectation that are internalized as part of our identity. How do we define ourselves? Why do we need a sense of identity? Does it help or hinder us? Is identity circumstantial?

As artists, through individual and collaborative technique, we intend to showcase a collection of work that is the culmination of the exploration of each of our personal identities, the various roles we hold in society, what meaning(s) it has for us, and how it continues to evolve throughout time.

Vanessa Frost:

Vanessa, born in Arizona but raised in East Aurora, her influences come from both coasts. Her love of nature, both desert and mountains runs deep. She studied visual arts at the University of Vermont which eventually led her to pursue an opportunity in the film industry in New York City. After deciding it was time for a change of scenery, she traded NY bagels for Buffalo wings and moved back home. Vanessa began her professional painting career in tandem with opening her art store concept commonly known as MUSEjar. The two endeavors seemed to effortlessly pair well together with this ever-inspiring environment at her fingertips. Her creativity is the pulse behind those vibrant rainbow walls on Elm Street. Now, as a full-time artist and owner of MUSEjar, Vanessa finds inspiration in the ordinary and joy in the small things. She is known for her large, colorful portraits where she uses bright colors in unexpected places, evoking emotion amidst her viewers.

Jill Favata:

Jill Favata has always been a lover of the arts, but her first career was counseling.
Then, at the age of 30, a friend gave her a blank canvas and paints, and she knew it was what she was meant to do. She continued to work as a counselor by day, and created art in the evenings. Delving into several mediums, including glass mosaics, photography, jewelry making, and painting, her work was shown in art galleries and shows throughout Wyoming. Jill was born and raised in North Tonawanda, NY but lived out west for thirteen years in Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas. Six years ago she returned home to WNY with her husband and daughter, where she lives and creates in the village of East Aurora as a stay at home mom. With her daughter starting kindergarten last year, Jill decided to immerse herself into the arts full time.
You can learn more about Jill on her website: https://www.jillfavata.com/

She is currently enjoying creating mixed media pieces with acrylics, photographs, and papers, as well as abstract oil paintings, and fluid paintings. Her process is to work intuitively and follow her feelings. Her emotions have always been a guiding force and strength in her personal and professional life, and they help guide her in her art work. “I am loving abstract art at the moment because experience and mood affect what one sees. We all carry our own stories and will therefore respond differently to art. That is beautiful to me.”

Joanne Goellner:
Joanne Goellner has had a lifelong interest in art. As a child, she wanted to be a fashion designer, an architect, a graphic designer and ultimately studied illustration in college. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at State University of New York College at Fredonia, she pursued certification in Art Education and a Master of Science in Art Education from State University of New York College at Buffalo. As an artist and educator, Joanne appreciated having the unique ability to inspire a diverse population of students, instilling a love of art, helping them become critical thinkers, decision makers and creators themselves.

Although on hiatus from education to raise a family, Joanne has remained immersed in her visual arts roots. Her current body of work is comprised of bold, abstract paintings created in oil and cold wax. This process is different from her illustrative beginnings. Instead of taking a story or idea and depicting it with art, she creates art that tells stories or ideas of their own. While painting is her primary form of expression, Joanne works in a variety of mediums including watercolor, photography, mixed media and three-dimensional art. Joanne also enjoys music, writing, reading and travel. Artists who inspire include Kat Green, Rebecca Crowell, Linda Benton McCloskey, and Lisa Boardwine.

Joanne lives in Western New York with her amazing husband, Jake, their four children, and loveable Labrador Hazel. You can find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatbluegirl/

Lisa Pimental:
Lisa Pimental of HandOnTheDoor is life-long artist as well as a visual arts educator who has a true passion for the tactile nuances of paint. Holding a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts, as well as a Master of Arts in Education, Lisa has recently taken some invaluable quality time off from the formal classroom as an art and photography teacher to be with her family while also reviving her love for creating meaningful works of art.

Having her work previously shown in several San Francisco Bay Area galleries, a principal theme in Lisa’s work centers around finding the beauty and intrigue in the world around us. Seeking out the unnoticed, the ugly, the unwanted, Lisa’s process allows her to focus on the details of the visual truth, inviting an unsolicited reflection from her audience.

Lisa is now actively involved in organizations that allow her to continue generating new work of her own while using art education to inspire young minds (including her 6 year old son!) to appreciate and explore individual creativity.

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We’d like to share a special thank you to Beverly DiPalma, Jody Ziehm and Cindi O’Mara for volunteering their time for this project.
Thank you to the donors of the Directory page.
Thank you to Pencil in the River Studio and Print Plus for their efforts.
And of course we couldn’t have done this project without the amazing 12 artists who provided the artwork.
Thank you for your continued support of Carnegie Art Center and its mission.