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Annual Fundraiser for the Carnegie Art Center

2018 Date:
Thursday, Nov 29th

A unique opportunity to purchase an original 5 x 7 piece of artwork
for $20. See it. Buy it. Take it off the wall.



See for yourself – click on video



Here’s how Art of the Wall works

Hundreds of 5 x 7 sized pieces of original artwork have been donated by local artists. Each piece is hung in the main gallery of the Carnegie Art Center and can be purchased for just $20 each!


For your entry cost – a $10 donation at the door –  You will receive a wine cork to redeem a complimentary beverage.


Once inside the gallery, you will collect a “Numbered Purchasing Form”, and can enjoy an open preview of all artwork from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Each 5x7 is numbered – write down the number(s) of the artwork you can’t live without and are excited to purchase!


Selling begins at 7:00pm, at which point we will begin to call patrons up in sequential order by their “Numbered Purchasing Form” to select and purchase the artwork of their choice.


Please note: The earlier you arrive, the lower your number will be on your “Numbered Purchasing Form” – increasing your chances of getting the desired artwork you would like to purchase!

All artwork(s) are original pieces of art – some of which have been donated by award winning artists.


Silent Auction 

A select group of award winning local and national artists have donated original pieces to be auctioned off at the event. These pieces will be framed and ready for hanging.


Calling All Artists!

Become part of this exciting event. Donate up to (3) 5 x 7 pieces of artwork.

Click to download and print entry form for details.